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If you suffer from painful bladder syndrome, also called interstitial cystitis, you know all too well the chronic feelings of pressure and pain in your pelvic region that can make daily function a challenge. At Women’s Center for Pelvic Wellness located in Pasadena, California, expert urogynecologists, Dr. Alexis Tran and Dr. David Kimble diagnose and treat painful bladder syndrome to help relieve your discomfort. Call the office or book an appointment online to learn how your symptoms can be resolved today.

Painful Bladder Q & A

What is painful bladder syndrome?

Those who suffer from painful bladder syndrome are mainly female. The condition occurs when the signals between your brain and the bladder become confused. You feel the need to urinate more often than normal, and you only urinate a small amount when you do go – not fully emptying your bladder.

The cause of painful bladder syndrome is not fully understood. Women who are in their 30s or older are more likely to get the condition. Plus, if you have a chronic pain disorder, such as fibromyalgia, you may be at greater risk of developing the problem.

What are the symptoms of painful bladder syndrome?

Symptoms vary from woman to woman, and they may flare up or be chronic. Common symptoms include:

  • Chronic pelvic pain
  • Severe discomfort when your bladder fills up
  • Pain during sex
  • Pain between the vagina and anus
  • Persistent need to urinate

These symptoms may flare most around your period or after exercise or sexual activity. You may mistake painful bladder syndrome for a urinary tract infection.

How is painful bladder syndrome treated?

No cure for painful bladder syndrome exists, but symptoms can be managed and minimized. Physical therapy, oral medications, and nerve stimulation are some examples of treatment. These may be done as a combination to find the right treatment for you.

Dr. Tran and Dr. Kimble may have you make dietary changes to eliminate foods that irritate your bladder. Bladder training, which involves carefully timing your urination, can also help you learn to evacuate more completely and control urinary urges. Easy exercise, quitting smoking, and reducing stress can also reduce the symptoms of painful bladder syndrome.

Other therapies for painful bladder syndrome include bladder instillation, in which a prescription medication or combination of medications and a local anesthetic are inserted directly into your bladder with a catheter.

In very rare cases, surgery to remove the bladder may be required. This is only done when all other treatments fail and your symptoms seriously degrade your quality of life.

If you have symptoms of painful bladder syndrome, call the Women’s Center for Pelvic Wellness or book an appointment using the online agent.