What is the V-shot?

The V-Shot is a novel restorative therapy for female sexual health that has appeared on the cover of Cosmopolitan Magazine, has been featured on prominent TV shows as the Oprah Winfrey show, and The Doctors. The V-shot was even included in the “goodie bags,” that were distributed to celebrity guests at the 2014 and 2015 Academy Awards. The V-Shot has helped thousands of women from all walks of life to naturally improve their sexual sensitivity, orgasmic response, and improve libido and enhance sexual pleasure.

And if you’re wondering what that V stands for, yes… you guessed correctly!  It stands for “vaginal orgasm” because the goal of this restorative treatment is to enhance women’s sexual pleasure, produce longer, more frequent, and more intense orgasms, while also increasing sensitivity, lubrication, and overall sexual health in women, naturally, and without drugs or surgery.

The Science Behind the V-shot

The V-Shot consists of Platelet Rich Plasma derived from the patient’s own blood. This makes the treatment safe and with no risk of your body rejecting the injections.  The V-Shot is considered a regenerative vaginal treatment because it restores a more youthful look and feel to the vagina, while also reported to improve sexual function and incontinence.

The V-shot is an advanced form of regenerative medicine using one’s own tissues.  Whole blood is obtained from the patient from which plasma rich platelets are harvested using a special technique.  These cells are then activated and reinjected into the targeted tissue, resulting in growth of new cells into the area where the V-Shot is injected.  This boost of natural nutrients and platelets also repairs damaged cells, and improves the longevity and elasticity of existing cells.  This level of cell regeneration means a total rejuvenation of vaginal tissue that restores youthful form and function, naturally increasing female libido, increases sensitivity and pleasure.

What are the benefits of the V-shot?

The PRP in the V-Shot naturally supports and fortifies the muscular tissue of the vaginal walls.  In addition to improving your sex life, and helping to foster more frequent and intense orgasms, it can also help with a natural reduction in problems such as incontinence caused by lax vaginal muscles.  This tightening of muscle around the bladder and urethra naturally help to control urinary incontinence which often accompanies vaginal laxity as women get older.

Frequently asked questions:

What is the V-shot?

The V-shot is a new revolutionary treatment option designed specifically for women’s sexual health.  It uses advanced technology which allows the use of one’s own blood to harvest plasma rich platelets which are activated to induce a natural and powerful healing a process.  The result is new tissue growth, blood vessel formation, collagen formation at the site of the target tissue where this is mixture is injected. 

Who is a candidate for V-shot?

Any female who is interested in improving her intimacy, sexual health and urinary leaks. 

What is the procedure like? Is it painful?

Most patient report minimal to zero discomfort during the procedure.



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