G-spot Amplification





What is the G-shot?

The G-spot amplification is a process of "functional" intimate surgery consisting of a temporary physical increase of the size and sensitivity of the G-spot with a either an autologous,  synthetic dermal, or silicone-based filler that is injected into anatomical region named by Dr. Grafenberg in 1950 and commonly referred to today as the “G-spot”.  G-spot amplification aims to increase the frequency and response of female systemic orgasm, which is distinct from the clitoral orgasm, referring to the vaginal orgasm as described by Freud in 1905. 

Although the treatment is simple and quick and the actual injection takes less than 8 seconds to administer, this treatment must be administered by a physician. Typically, the results of a G Shot in most patients last for a period of about 4 months, after which time you may repeat the treatment.

What Is the Difference Between the V-Shot and G-Shot?

The V shot differs from the G Shot in that it consists of Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP), which is drawn from the patient’s own blood and undergoes special treatment. This solution, containing PRP and natural human growth factors is injected directly into the clitoris in order to enhance the sensitivity and response of the clitoral area. The V Shot makes it easier for women to reach orgasm, and increases the frequency and intensity of orgasms.

Both the V Shot and the G Shot are bold new treatments that help a woman rediscover her sexuality and intimacy by enhancing her sexual responses, the frequency and intensity of their orgasms.


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